A Free Country of Debt Enslaved Citizens


Today is the 4th of July. Here in the US it is celebrated as the day the colonies unanimously declared their independence from Great Britain.  Technically, we had already separated when the Second Continental Congress had approved the resolution of independence on the 2nd.  Twelve of the thirteen colonies had voted for separation, with New York being late to the party and abstaining from the vote for another week before finally voting to join the others on the 9th.

There are a lot of people who have fought and are still fighting for the freedom we have.  The founders who signed that Declaration of Independence were putting their families, fortunes and own lives on the line because it was a blatant and knowing act of treason against Great Britain.  These men were already the elite, part of the “1%”, they were the celebrities of their time, the leaders of their communities with the power, respect, and wealth to go with it.  Could you picture our current leaders being willing to stand up for what they believed in like that? Sign their name…  like John Hancock did, BIG, bold, and defiantly knowing that it’s not just political suicide where you’ll get thrown out of office and retire into a cushy CEO, CFO, or even a lobbyist.  Instead, they are likely to literally be tar and feathered and hung in their town center.

While they were willing to risk everything to be free, we live a current society where the majority of citizens do not know what being free is.  They are working every day, pay check to pay check, with the majority of the money they’ll make over the next 30 years already promised to someone else.  They are as Dave Ramsey says “slave to their lenders”.

Take a moment in your own life to think about what life would be like being financially free.  No bank waiting to repossess your house, your car, and your kids bed if you fail to make payments.  If you actually owned everything you have, no debt, how much money do you actually need to live a free and happy life?  I bet it’s not as much as you think, it’s likely not even as much as you make right now.  If you feel trapped in your job, hate going to work, but have to because you have to pay the bank for the $400k house, that BMW in the driveway, and the RV you use once a year… you might want to rethink what Freedom is and what it means to you.  On the bright side… at least that one colony’s government still allows their citizens to make their own decisions on what size soda to buy using that credit card of theirs.

I hope you’ll take that moment and think about what Freedom means, both Financially and Politically.

I wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July!



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