I ♥ craigslist, but I ♥ real estate more


Every few weeks (ok, maybe more like weekly) I find myself browsing through craigslist.  I search through things for sale on there like some people roam around stores at a mall.  Some days I am looking at trucks, comparing what I can get in Denver as opposed to what I could get in Dallas.  I poke around and look at motorcycles and RVs on there.  Sometimes I am checking what kind of sports car I could get for under $25k, a Porsche? Corvette? There are actually a lot of options.  Other times I am just considering something more simple, my couch is old and uncomfortable, oven has some broken knobs and finicky coil burners that do not always turn on right away, the refrigerator is a nice stainless steel side by side I got for free from a friend, but the wall gets in the way of opening the freezer door all the way.  craigslist

I browse through, think about what-ifs.  What if I sold the cheap cars I have and bought something nicer.  That would be nice, I would enjoy driving a vehicle made within the last decade.  What if I sold all the cheap vehicles and picked up an F-250 in Dallas and bought a fifth wheel RV?  After all, for the price of some of the ball hitch trailers, you can get a much nicer fifth wheel, but you need the truck to tow it with.  What if I just went with a cheap RV? then I could probably pick up a motorcycle too! So many options!

If I was “normal” and asked a bank to lend me some money, I bet they would try to convince me to buy two of everything.  It has all become predictable at this point, I look, I calculate numbers, what could I sell my cars for, how much would I need to add to that in order to buy whatever it is.  Then I sit there and think… “nope, not gonna do it”

house-soldInstead of spending $25k on cars, rvs, and toys.  I decided to spend it on the opportunity to spend more money!  I am under contract to buy a house. A house for $25k that, by my estimates, will need another $40k put into it to make it livable.  Saying it needs a lot of work is an understatement, because it was in the middle of a renovation by someone else when they unfortunately passed away.  The bathroom does not have a toilet, the kitchen does not actually exist, the sheetrock has not even been taped & spackled.  There are some foundation issues that need to be fixed, a bit of overgrowth with vines infiltrating the basement and well, just about everything needs work.

So, given the opportunity to finally start to increase my lifestyle, have a nicer car, furniture, or even better furniture… I am going to postpone it all and invest in something that of value.  Expect more posts on this adventure over the 6+ months, because I am sure it will be full of stories to tell.


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