No Sheriff. Thats actually my car, its not abandoned.

A friend told me his wife’s car threw a rod, they’ve had the car for about 19 years and they are doing pretty well financially.  (I bet there’s a connection between having a car that long and doing well financially).  But, they were deciding what to do and what car she wanted.  If you’ve read any of my previous posts, especially the How to make a POS car reliable, you know I have two vehicles.  So, I did what any friend would/should do and offered up the “Orange Beast” so they didn’t have to feel rushed when trying to pick out their new car.DodgeRam

He came and got the beast on a Thursday and while his wife took his car to her work, he drove the POS to his.  He parked it over the weekend, in front of his own house, and they used their other car to what what they needed over the weekend, which of course included car shopping.  He goes out to the truck on Tuesday and discovers the Sheriff’s department had stopped by and posted an “abandoned vehicle report” on it. Stating that it will be towed in 72 hours if it’s not moved.  Now realize that it is legal and common practice for him and his neighbors to park on the street in front of their houses.

I find it extremely amusing that the truck looks so bad (the picture makes it look really nice compared to what is is in person), that even parking it in front of his house for 3 days caused neighbors to want it to be towed away.  To the point that they even called the police after only 3 days.  I was thinking about this:  What if I had driven over to his house, parked it there and we had carpooled to the airport on gone on a week long trip in one of his cars.  I would have come back and assumed it had been stolen.  I’d probably be laughing wondering… who would steal this POS?  It’s worth so little, it could be best to leave it at the impound instead of paying for the towing and storage fees.  Meh, whatever, it’s all part of sacrificing now so there’s an abundance later.

So, if your car gets labeled as abandoned while parked at your friends house… you’re on the right financial track!




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