meWelcome to Run Debt Free, I’m Pete and this is my guide to how I run my life debt free and how you can do the same or at least find useful tips on how to better your financial position.  I believe money doesn’t buy happiness, but not having it can create a lot of stress and having some enables you to do a lot of incredible things.  Not only for yourself, but for your family, your friends, and others in your community or throughout the world who need help.

I was heading in the right direction financially for about 5 years, but didn’t really wise up about money until mid-2012, when I was 31 years old.  After 5 years of being “smart with money” (or so I thought at the time) I realized things were not progressing as fast as they should be.  In 2012, I was sitting with $215k in debt!  $120k was student loans, $90k was a mortgage, $2k left on a Jeep, and $3k was delinquent in the form of credit cards.  The credit cards I had maxed out in college back in 2001 and had thrown them out.  I have actually lived without credit cards ever since, which might have been the wisest financial move I made during the entire decade of the 2000’s.

As of the start of this site, in June 2015: I have refinanced the mortgage down and have 14 years and 90k left on it and have $48k left on the student loans.  I wanted to start this before I was actually out of debt because I know in about 2 years, I’ll be completely debt free… including the house.  But in the mean time I believe I may provide help to those on the same path, sacrificing things today so there’s a better tomorrow.  You often hear from those who have wealth tell you about what they did, but as time goes on, looking back on what you went through gets skewed and sometimes forgotten.

I’m an avid runner, have done everything from 5k’s to 50milers and have failed at a few 100milers.  I’ve done an Ironman, a quite a few half ironman’s and numerous shorter triathlons.  The title of the blog should make a bit more sense to you now as well.  I hope this blog will make you laugh at some of the stupid things I’ve done, make you think about your own situation a different way, make you remember what you might have gone through on your path to building wealth, and give hope to those currently fighting to get to a better life for themselves.

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